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Imagine your OTP. Now imagine that Person A of your OTP was actually a Creation, which would be an inanimate object that was created with so much heart it was given a soul. Being a Creation, Person A is essentially immortal and inhuman. Person B is only a human, and will eventually die. Despite that, Person A and Person B still fall in love with each other, and live their lives knowing that it is a love that can never be.

Commence with the “Butt-Wiggle”

I just have this headcannon that as much as Pell is scared by cats he still acts like one. Sleeping in sinks, curling up in high places to survey people, watching/chasing bright shiny objects/lights…

You can’t make a catboy and not have him fall prey to cat stereotypes.

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So, let me guess— you just started a new book, right? And you’re stumped. You have no idea how much an AK47 goes for nowadays. I get ya, cousin. Tough world we live in. A writer’s gotta know, but them NSA hounds are after ya 24/7. I know, cousin, I know. If there was only a way to find out all of this rather edgy information without getting yourself in trouble…

You’re in luck, cousin. I have just the thing for ya.

It’s called Havocscope. It’s got information and prices for all sorts of edgy information. Ever wondered how much cocaine costs by the gram, or how much a kidney sells for, or (worst of all) how much it costs to hire an assassin?

I got your back, cousin. Just head over to Havocscope.

((PS: In case you’re wondering, Havocscope is a database full of information regarding the criminal underworld. The information you will find there has been taken from newspapers and police reports. It’s perfectly legal, no need to worry about the NSA hounds, cousin ;p))

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